Decanter 81 Model

 1.850,00 (KDV Dahil)

The epitome of Vino Bellezza quality and style, Decanter 81 is exclusively designed for wine aficionados who put wine front and centre in their life. Decanter 81 boasts a capacity of 81 bottles (325 litres), offering plenty of space to accommodate an extensive collection of wine.

  • Digital Display
  • Stainless Steel Back Wall
  • Pine Wood Shelf
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Four-Wheeled Mobile System
  • Sturdy Hinges (5 million cycles tested)
  • Stainless Steel Door
  • Aluminium Door Handle
  • Tinted Glass with Low-E Argon
  • Exclusively Designed Rubber Dampers
vinobellezza decanter 81 özellikler

Decanter 81 Model

 1.850,00 (KDV Dahil)
Gross Volume (Lt.) 333
Net Volume (Lt.) 325
Internal Dimensions (w*d*h) (mm) 490x465x1555
External Dimensions (w*d*h) (mm) 590x685x1885
Packaged Dimensions (w*d*h) (mm) 605x718x2009
Net Weight (Kg) 92
Gross Weight (Kg) 97.5
Footprint (m2) 0.406
Bottle Capacity 81
Cooling Range (°C) +5 / +18 °C
Cooling Gas R134a/R600a
Climate Class B/C (R134a/R600a)
Supply Voltage 220-240 / 50 V/Hz
LED Lighting yes
4 Wheels yes
2 Adjustable Feet yes
Door Type Stainless Steel

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