How to Store Wine?

How to Store Wine?

While wine is a passion for some people, it is a break for pleasure after the rush of daily life for others. For some people, wine also represents a lifestyle. This leads to the search for an answer to the question of how to store wine. With Vino Bellezza, you can preserve your passion in the best way and spend your pleasant break with the most ideal taste. You don’t have to think about how to store wine with Vino Bellezza wine coolers, which are the first choice of those looking for quality wine coolers! Thanks to Vino Bellezza‘s modern wine coolers, you can age your special wine and sip it as you like at any time of the day.

Wine, whose history goes back to human history, are among the most preferred alcoholic beverages. Today there are many varieties of it including dessert wine, fruit wine, red wine and many more. The common point of all wine varieties is their storage conditions. For centuries, the best answer to the question of how to store wine has been sought. Today’s technology offers a practical solution in this regard. With the right wine storage method, the taste of even a standard wine can be perceived at a high level. So what is the best form of wine storage and are wine coolers necessary?

How Should Be The Wine Cooler Conditions?

Even if it is the most expensive wine in the world, it is not possible to enjoy it without knowing how to properly store wine. Or, without the need for a very special wine, you can consume your favorite wine in the most special way with the right storage conditions. To answer the question of how wine is stored, it is necessary to understand the formation and production stages.

Wine is produced by the fermentation method and wine made from grapes completes its development over time. How a long-lasting wine is stored is important. Due to incorrect storage conditions, the maturity of the wine may be completed ahead of time. With the right wine storage, it is possible to capture the perfect taste. Wine does not like heat, humidity, light or smell. In this context, let’s see how the right wine storage conditions should be!

1) Is Wine Stored Horizontally or Vertically?

The answer to the question in which position the wine is stored depends in the form of closure. Wine can be bottled with cork or screw caps. Thus, the storage conditions of wine change. If the wine is corked, it should be stored horizontally. Otherwise, the cork does not get wet and dries in time.  Because dried cork lets air in, this is one of the most undesirable situations when it comes to wine.

Wine, in contact with oxygen, deteriorates after a while. Since the screw caps are metal, there is no problem of drying. Therefore, wine with a screw cap can also be stored vertically. But the ideal wine storage condition, which is valid all over the world, is the horizantal position.

2) With Wine Storage Which Is Better: Dark or Light?

The answer to the question of how to store wine includes the contradiction between dark and light. Generally, green color is preferred for wine bottles. Apart from this, amber or transparent colored wine bottles are also available. Wine naturally contains antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent wine from oxidizing and make it last longer. 

One of the most important answers to the question of how to store wine is to store the bottles in an area away from light. If you want the wine to stay in a relatively bright place, you should ensure that the light source is as indirect as possible to the wine. So you can preserve the quality and taste of the wine.

This is where dark colored bottles gain importance. Sunlight or a strong artificial light directly on wine damages the antioxidants in it. Since dark glass filters sunlight, dark bottles can preserve wine up to a certain point even when they are exposed to light. 

3) Effects of Vibration and Sound on Wine

Vibration is also important for those who think about storing wine. Any vibration, including sound, has a negative effect on wine. Vibration creates damage especially in wine that is left to age. Because it can cause the sediments at the bottom of the bottle to rise. If a wine you plan to drink immediately is exposed to vibration, you should let it rest for a few days. A calm and quiet environment is one of the answers to the question of how to store wine.

4) Effect of Humidity and Temperature on Wine Storage

As a delicate beverage, wine requires care when it comes to humidity and temperature. For a well stored wine, consistent humidity and temperature are required. A wine that is frequently exposed to different temperatures is negatively affected in terms of taste and quality. The ideal temperature at which wine should be stored ranges from 11 to 15 Celsius. Temperatures above 19 degrees cause rapid maturation of wine.

At high temperatures, chemical reactions are triggered between the components in the wine. And when it goes below 11 degrees, wine does not mature at the desired speed. Wine also freezes at -4 degrees. So what is the ideal humidity range for wine? Wine critics and experts such as Jancis Robinson emphasize that the ideal humidity in the environment should be around 75% so that the cork does not deform.

5) Is Wine Affected by Smell?

The smell of the environment is also of great importance in how the wine is stored. If there is an intense odor around wine, it absorbs it. Therefore, another important answer to the question of how to store wine emerges: Wine should be stored in an odor-free area. Of course, it is not always possible to find a completely odorless environment. In such cases, it is sufficient to keep the wine that you will consume in a short time away from intense odors. However, with a wine cooler, an odorless environment can be created from the beginning.

How to Chill Wine?

The question and answer of how to cool wine is as important as the question of how to store the wine. Correct wine storage conditions are not always sustainable when applied step by step. For this reason, it is possible to make it sustainable with a suitable storage area that covers all conditions! Tom Stevenson, one of the world-famous wine writers, advocates keeping wine especially in coolers since proper temperature prevents the wine from oxidizing.

How to proceed to store wine may differ depending on the importance you give to wine, whether you want to age it or not, and many other similar factors. Because if you buy wine once in a while and prefer to consume it on the same day, the refrigerator in your home will be sufficient. However, if you like to collect different wines and want to age special ones, it is important to maintain the right storage conditions.

If you are not a wine producer or restaurant owner, you probably do not have a wine cellar, which is one of the most suitable storage areas for your wine. These spaces, which are designed to store wine, are not preferred in homes because they take up a large area. “Where to or how to store wine at home?” The most ideal answer we can give to your questions is wine coolers!

Vino Bellezza offers its long years of experience in coolers to wine lovers by producing specially designed wine coolers. Wine cabinets of Vino Bellezza consist of 3 separate series. You can use the wine fridges in this series either under the counter or in independent areas. With Vino Bellezza’s luxury wine cabinets, you can ideally store your wines. 

All the answers to the question of how to store wine are answered by Vino Bellezza’s wine cabinets. We talked about all the factors that wine doesn’t favor. UV protected glass doors are preferred in Vino Bellezza wine coolers. In this way, wines are protected from negative rays. LED lights, which do not contain UV rays, provide the necessary and sufficient light for wine. 

The temperature of the wine is especially important right before drinking and you don’t have to worry about the temperature with the Vino Bellezza refrigerator. The temperature of the wine cooler can be controlled easily and wines are always kept at the temperature you want. Vino Bellezza coolers contain materials that will provide long-term durability.

Handmade shelves made of Russian red pine are designed to be compatible with Bordeaux bottles. There are height adjustments on the shelves for the ideal placement of wine bottles of different sizes. Vino Bellezza aesthetic wine coolers are produced with special wedge feet that absorb vibration. Thus, wine can be stored without being exposed to any vibration. Wine cabinets with energy saving and light control, steel inner body and stainless accessories are included. Vino Bellezza wine refrigerators promise comfortable use with their digital screens.

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