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Wine coolers are set to become the new choice of wine lovers thanks to their high performance, easy-to-use features, ergonomic and sleek design. ​Whether for your kitchen, living room, office or boat, we’ve got a Vino Bellezza to suit all needs

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Elegant design: Wine fridge and Wine Coolers

Vino Bellezza wine coolers are highly preferred for storing wines with different aromas, bottling dates or characteristics. The elegant design of Vino Bellezza wine coolers stand out in the search for quality wine cabinets. So, is it necessary to buy a wine cabinet and what are the features of wine coolers?

Wine is one of the most preferred alcoholic beverages in the world. There are many types of wine that can be consumed with meals and appetizers. Properly stored wine increase in value with age. Thanks to the wine cooler cabinet models, which have become more popular recently, the storage of wines is carried out ideally. The wine refrigerator is offered in different sizes and features that can be used in homes or restaurants. So, what is a wine cooler and with which features does it stand out?

They are the products developed for storing wines in the right position and at the right temperature. A different technology and design is used for wine cooler cabinets than ordinary refrigerators. The technology and design difference in question is the reason for the difference between storing wine in the refrigerator and storing it in the wine cabinet.

Modern Wine Cooling Cabinets Models

Since ancient times, wine cellars have been used to store and age wine. In order to design a wine cellar, both sufficient space and a significant budget are required. However, today, thanks to the point that technology has reached, alternative storage areas for cellars are also increasing. Storage areas that were previously only available in hotels, restaurants and wine producers now appeal to a wider audience. For those who want to keep their wine in the right conditions or who want to age their own wine under their own supervision, there are wine cooler types available. There are several criteria to consider when choosing a wine cooler.

Capacity of Wine Cooler

The first thing to decide when buying a wine refrigerator is the capacity. When buying a wine cabinet, the need for use should be considered. Depending on the need, mini wine cabinets, wine storage cabinets that can hold more than 80 or 100 bottles can be preferred. While evaluating the capacity of the wine cabinet, it should not be forgotten that there are different bottle models. Because the models of wine bottles may differ, they might take up space outside the standard.

Usage Features of Wine Fridge Cabinet

Wine refrigerator models also have alternatives that offer different temperatures in different compartments. Modern wine cabinets feature a digital display. In this way, the temperature of the cabinet can be easily monitored.

Wine Cooler Design

Another topic that affects decision making is the design of the wine cabinet. If you prefer to store the wine cabinet in an area that looks like a living room, glass wine cabinets will attract attention with their stylish designs. If you want to place a wine cooler in the kitchen, you can take advantage of the built-in wine cabinet options. While these coolers create a complementary effect in the kitchen with their appearance, they also allow functional use.

Best Wine Cooler: Vino Bellezza

Your interest in wine may have just begun, or you are a true wine lover and want to invest in specialty wines. In any case, a small or large cabinet is needed to store and use wines in their ideal form. If you want to move forward with small steps and want to start with a small wine refrigerator, a refrigerator with a capacity of 18 bottles will suffice. Vino Bellezza wine coolers consist of 3 different series: Reserve, Decanter and Vintage. You can choose the cabinet suitable for the concept of the space you will use among these series of Vino Bellezza and reflect your own style.

Vino Bellezza wine refrigerators draw attention with their ergonomic and elegant designs. Offering sustainable and strong performance, wine cabinets are supported by technology and are available for long-term use. The models, which can be easily integrated into all environments with their special designs, attract attention with their aesthetic appearance. These modern wine coolers can be used under the counter or in living areas without aesthetic concerns. Vino Bellezza wine cabinets: They are among the most preferred options by those who want to preserve their wine collections in the best possible way. Materials that could prevent mobility aren’t included. Natural red pine shelves are used. In addition, Russian Pine and White Pine are used.

Decanter, which is among the collections, offers you many wine cooler options such as Vintage and Reserve series.

Wine Cooler Models to Store The Full Consistency of Wine

Proper storage of special wine is very important, especially with aging. Of course, besides the special wines that are desired to be aged, there are also wines that will be consumed in a short time or stored for special occasions. The conditions under which the wine is stored directly affect its taste. At this point, wine cooler models stand out iin order to store wine correctly. Sometimes; “Should red wine be stored at room temperature?” or “What is the ideal storage temperature for white wine?” Questions like these are asked by wine lovers. In general, the ideal storage temperature of wine varies between 15 and 20 °C. Wine Coolers meet the conditions of wine storage. We can list some of these conditions as follows:

Storage method: Especially the cork bottles should be stored horizontally in order to prevent contact with oxygen.

Humidity: If wine is stored in an environment with too much humidity, the cork may rot, while in environments with insufficient humidity, the cork may dry out.

Light: Wine should not be exposed to direct light. Wine left for a long time under strong lighting is adversely affected.

Vibration: Shaking is also a major negative effect that wine doesn’t favor. It is recommended that a wine exposed to vibration be rested for a few weeks.

Smell: Wine is easily affected by intense odors in the environment. Wine, which absorbs the dominant odors in the environment, should be isolated. With a wine cooler, your wine can stay away from ambient odors.

In Vino Belleza wine cooler models, all conditions are fulfilled ideally. In this way, wines can be preserved in their full consistency. Wine refrigerator features are supported by high quality materials.

Preserve Your Wine With The Luxury Wine Refrigerator

Obtaining and collecting special wines can be defined as a luxury pleasure. In order to give these special wines the value they deserve, suitable conditions must be provided. At this stage, luxury wine coolers meet the expectations of wine lovers. Most of the wines are offered to be consumed for a maximum of 3 to 5 years. Therefore, wines suitable for aging constitute only a small part of the wines produced.

Wine differs significantly from other alcoholic beverages. The reason for this difference is the same reason that storage conditions are so important. Yeast, which takes place in the formation stage of wine, preserves the taste. Yeast turns the grape into wine, and wine reaches maturity over time. Vino Bellezza offers a luxurious storage space for delicate wines. The stainless inner and outer body is accompanied by redwood shelves. Vino Bellezza wine cooler models, which have specially designed rubber engine wedges and a four-wheeled mobility system, can be moved easily. In addition, Vino Bellezza wine storage cabinets are equipped with Low-E argon, that is, low emission glasses, led lighting, UV protected glasses, components that reduce vibration, steel inner body and stainless details. These glasses reflect light and contribute to the protection of the wines from the light factor.

Wine Fridge Cabinet and Wine Cooler Prices

Wine cabinet models have different features. Prices are determined in line with these features. Wine cooler prices: The capacity of the refrigerator varies according to the quality of the material used, energy consumption and display features. Vino Bellezza offers many different models for wine cabinets. These models, which can be used in different areas, draw attention with their advantageous prices as well as their quality and designs. You can also benefit from the experience of Vino Bellezza by choosing the most suitable wine cooler alternatives for your boat, office or home.

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